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Behind this link is a parody on corporate sites. It is based on an un-named oil company started by an un-named family in an un-named part of the world in the 19th century.

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Eat The Earth

Plenty of everything for all time.
No worries about resources, or species...just eat it all and begin the fuck fest.

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War Machine

Flaunt your pig faced militarism, baby.

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For What It's Worth

Designing and illustrating tour merchandise, posters, tshirts…you name it… for John Lennon (Yoko Ono), Jimi Hendrix (posthumously), Eric Clapton, Robert Cray, Queen, The Stray Cats, Disney, Sony and Miramax Studios, ain't as easy as it looks. But I was lucky enough to do some of their work. Some titles that I did work for: Kill Bill I and II, The Lion King, and Beauty and the Beast.


Why are you on this site??
You accidentally clicked on something related to webMD trying to find information about why your toe fungus keeps recurring and you found me instead.
You were misdirected when you thought I was a musical artist from the deep south and you were wondering when my next gig might be. Sorry to disappoint you.
You are someone I have done business with in the past, or you are a friend of mine, or you went to school with me. So my question to you is: you know how much I need to eat, so why haven't you bought anything or asked me to do a flyer about your lost puppy?
  • Here are a number of posters called "nJoy"… They are probably not very njoyable to some.

    Doonla Watzit, inurface.com

  • I do not like the fact that my face has been used in this poster. I plan to sue.

    Andy Farqua, Pittsataqua, WV

  • This poster was supposed to be done for my band. It turned out I was the only one that liked it. I am now doing solo gigs in the NYTA tunnels below Crown Heights.

    Donny Scuto, Brooklyn, NY

Licensed Merchandise

Below is a small sampling of work which Dan May had done for entertainment folks. Much of the work displayed some might justifiably say, "Who is that?" or " I thought they were dead , or at least chronically ill, abandoned on an ice flow, or are currently on life support?" Well, thanks for looking anyway , junior.

  • Cream reunion

    Illustration / Type design/ front and back
  • Cream Reunion 2005

    Illustration and design
  • Queen COncept

    Tour design front and back / Ilustration
  • Brian Setzer

    Tour design front tee/Illustration and Type design
  • Jimi Hendrix Radiant

    Tour design front and back / Ilustration
  • Eric Clapton

    Front Tee design/ Tour Merch
  • JImI Hendrix/Zion ROotswear

    front tee merchandise
  • Eric Clapton

    TOur and Hot Topic Tee Front
  • JImI Hendrix/Zion ROotswear

    front tee merchandise
  • Mind GaMes/JOhn Lennon

    Illustration/ Type design
  • JOhn Lennon Revolution

    Illustration and Type design/Tee Front
  • JImI Hendrix Rings

    Illustration and Type design-front tee merchandise-SBS Digital design Mag
  • Non Stop

    Illustration and Type design/Tee Front

    Illustration/ Type design
  • KIll BIll

  • JOhn Lennon Imagine

    Illustration and Type design/Tee Front
  • JOhn Lennon Peace

    Illustration and Type design/Tee Front
  • Cream Reunion Tour 2005

  • Feeding the Masses

    Illustration and Type design/ C D cover and back
  • Eric Clapton

    Tour Merchandise
  • Kill Bill I

    Promotional/ Illustration and Type design

:} Below are links to stuff for sale for the budget minded, or that used to be on other clients sites that I did.
There may even be something you like...maybe.


wear idols

Paintings and posters


njoy series

posters to enjoy


Free Downloads

stuff you can draw on





Old Merchandise

Some screen shots and the like



film clips, cartoonies, references and others


digital monsters


true adventureland


digital landscapes

true adventureland

retro future

idolized future with superheroes, spies and the like from a mid-20th century standpoint

Buy it Up

Here are a few of Dan May's (that's me) latest works. Each piece uses a hodge podge of pop culural references, symbolism, and parody as a vehicle for visual stories. All prices exclude shipping, but are full of 'love,' so it all evens out.

Wear Idols 1
Wear Idols I Beware of wearing idols...they will disappoint you

Giclee print 11x 18: $15

Bang On
Wear Idols: Frankenstein Beware of ewearing idols ....they will destroy you

$15: Giclee Print
Acrylic on canvas mounted to Board.

Southern Select
Southern Select: stories of evolutionary ascension Pinball Philosophy Series: Dan May

D$2500, 2 ft x 4 ft
Acrylic on Board, unmounted.

Lust Crazed
Wear Idols Everybody wants to be a god

20 x 28 inches, NFS Acrylic on canvas board,

Contact ?

Have you had an alien encounter and want to talk about it? Please use the link to email me if you wish to purchase some of my highly honed wares. They may assist in driving them away.

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Whenever you are in town drop by galleries that carry my work, that way you can consider yourself an art patron like the Medici's except you may not own a bank, but that makes you okay in my book.

OK? rhoncus risus.

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